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Back in Stock!

These are back in stock! We’ll let you guys know how to get your hands on these very soon!

Pedal For A Cause #2

Do make time for this event. It’s for a good cause. Support these good people.

“Date: Saturday February 11 2012
Time: 1930
Registration: 1900
Meet-up location: McDonald’s, Kallang (Carpark)
Ending location: Mcdonald’s, Kallang
Estimated distance: 80km (EAST SIDE ROUTE!!)

Donation: $15 per head (All guests are entitled to a TR Bikes discount voucher)

Hey everyone! We are back for the 2nd series of our fun rides! And this time, we’re doing a NIGHT RIDE!

Any bikes are welcome to take part in this ride. All riders, upon donation of $15, will be entitled to a 15% discount courtesy of our beloved local bike shop, TR BIKES. Estimated distance will be 80km, with an average speed of 20km/h. 



Riders from the previous Pedal For A Cause #1 need not donate again BUT YOU CAN DONATE STILL CAUSE DONATIONS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!!! 

To take part, please log onto Click under Donate and select the tab of ‘Pedal For A Cause’ under the ‘Please select the cause or activities/events that you wish to support’ section. Please print out the pay pal receipt once you have donated and bring it with you on the day of the ride! IT’S THAT EASY!!

Team Kayuh Kuat Kuat will be putting together a series of 4 fun rides around Singapore to raise funds for their adopted cause Asian Women’s Welfare Association in preparation of their main cycling event in June 2012. So join the fun-loving team on Saturday February 11 as they traverse through the eastern part of Singapore. 

Enquiries: /
Facebook Page:

10 Dec 2011 by GOFIXED

Here are some photos from last Saturday’s 130-kilometer ride.

Photos by Hakim

Class of 2011

Meet the Class of 2011!
Big ups to everyone involved.
130 down, many more hundreds and thousands and millions to go!

December 10th 2011

Our December 10th went pretty well.
How did yours go?

24/7 Big Time

Welcome to the Big Time!
Got this from our man Faz earlier this evening.
A side project of his, the team currently comprises of himself and another super-talented man in the form of Duraath.
Click here and visit 24/7 Big Time now!

Erwan in Action

Erwan in action at the recent KLIFGT.

(Photo by Ayum)

Tour of Johor Updates

My man Duraath did a mighty fine job of covering the recent Tour of Johor.
Check their tumblr for more updates and some amazing images!

By the looks of it, I think the Tour of Johor was an astounding success!
Mad props to all the crazy motherfuckers who endured the entire 600 kilometers of heaven/hell!
If this Tour of Johor is happening again next year, rest assured that some Crank Arm Steady Lions will be there!


Behind the Scenes

This video was only posted on our Tumblr but somehow Lockedcog managed to pick this one up.
Having this video picked up by the guys there is not really  a big deal, though we really do appreciate the exposure.
What moved us most was the accompanying text.



Wheelathon 360


Be part of Singapore’s first-ever Wheelchair and Handcycling sports community race event open to both the able-bodied and the physically challenged.  Click here  for more info.

Idris. M

From Holland with Love

Look what our friend Hasan from Holland shared with us!
Born and bred in Singapore, Hasan now does his magic over in Holland.
Be sure to visit his website and check out his works!

 Click here to read more about his “little” project in setting up his daughter’s ride.
Thank you for pasting that Crank Arm Steady sticker on your daughter’s ride, Hasan!
Oh, The Killer Gerbil and PEONFX stickers can also be found on that bike!

Much love from The Lion City, boss!


KLIFGT2011 Promo

This needs no introduction. Don’t snooze!


KILAS x PEONFX & BOIKZMOIND Screening Photo Recap

Here are some images from last Saturday’s event:

Photos by The Killer Gerbil

Landscapes: Volume Two by Dustin Farrell

Mad, mad stuff by Dustin Farrell.
I almost teared when I saw this.
Pure madness!


Tour of Johor

Our friends from across the border are embarking on an epic 600-km ride around the state of Johor.
Click here for more info!
Mad tight edit Dura!



More info here.
See you guys there!

Massan on Low

This man doesn’t need any introduction. Photo courtesy of Macaframa.

Spin Asia

A very big thanks to Spin Asia for the interview. Get the latest issue of  Spin Asia at your nearest bookstore.



Mr Bo Beep’s Night

My man Chee got some very sick photos at the recent Ro Roll Kidul Goldsprint event.
Amazing work my friend!
Peep the rest of the series here!


Ro-Roll Kidul Goldsprint Nº2

More info here!

We are on Tumblr!

Yes, yes! We are on Tumblr now!
If you have a Tumblr account, do follow us.
Click here and follow us now!


The Bristol Bike Project

A short documentary film about The Bristol Bike Project. Set up in December 2008 by James Lucas and Colin Fan, the project aims to provide free bicycles to underprivileged groups that would not otherwise have the opportunity to own a bicycle.

The film tells the story of the project from the perspective of two people applying for political asylum to stay in the UK, one of them from Somalia and the other from Afghanistan. In this way the film attempts to draw together the different elements that the Bike Project represents : namely cycling, recycling and giving help to disadvantaged and marginalised members of society, in this case political asylum seekers.

For more information about The Bristol Bike Project go to




Our favourite rider from Fixpatrix , Jon Chan, secured the 5th spot for the criterium in the recent Asian Fixed Gear Championship in Shenzhen , China.  Bagging himself a nice messenger bag. Click here to read more about it.


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