Tour of Singapore 2011 Teaser

Tour of Singapore 2011 teaser.
Check this one out!

Tour of Singapore 2010 Video

This is almost 2 years overdue, but better late than never we suppose.
For those who were involved in Tour of Singapore 2010, enjoy reliving the moments!
We might just see you again this year.

Remember This Guy?

Still remember this guy?

Vira, Vira, Vira.

Photo by Bey Ariffin

Marina Bay Sands Skypark BASE Jump by Snow R. Shai

Really digging this!
Check out the shot at 02:58. Madness!


We wish you a speedy recovery Jeb!

Double P by PEONFX

Check out the latest video by PEONFX and Faz Adhili featuring Nas Keras and MinZi!

G.FARI// Localization Official Video by GOFIXED

These bunch of kids really reminds us of us when we first started out.
Ghaffari‘s first edit done by the good boys of GOFIXED.
The effort these boys put in to make this video is amazing. We’re really digging the aerial shots from the bridge and stuff.
Good job, boys!

Best Bike Rentals in the Globe by Stason Bros

Just watch.
Thanks Manda for alerting us to this one!

Asher Bradshaw: 7-Year-Old Skater

Non-fixed related vid but this kid will grow up to be a legend.

WHY – Nikon D4 Release Video

Looks like Canon needs to step up their A-game.

The Holstee Manifesto Lifecycle Video

Live your dream and share your passion
Good stuff from Holstee.

Night in Alor Setar

Pretty good stuff from Alor Setar!

Jatt Amat Mini Edit 2011

Meet Jatt, one of the most talented man on the island.
From b-boying to aggressive inline and now even video editing, he’s one crazy dude!
Go check out his mini edit now!


Big ups to our Indonesian friends for coming up with this one.
Digging everything!

Longboarding: Jeremy & Jeremy by Hitoshi Lee

This deserves to be shared!
Good vibes all around. Always good to see this kinda videos.
Oh, one of the them is Jason‘s kid brother.

Drag to Finish by Azrie Halimi

A recap of last Saturday’s Gogogo Sprint Race by Azrie Halimi.
Check it out!


The guys from PEONFX documented their recent trip to Desaru.
Good stuff guys!
Oh, don’t miss Aaron getting his groove on!

PIAS Cycles; CYC x SMVL by Ismail Ashland

We see a very familiar face in this video!
Keren masbro!

Nooka x Roll or Die

This may not be related to cycling, but this is some seriously good work.
Roll or Die!

True Love Always by stimul

Check this one out.
Great stuff by stimul!

Dave Hall, Call Me Back To You by Angus Sung

Good stuff from Angus Sung!

Yamaguchi Experience

Nice one. By the way, spotted TOS 2010 tee at 1:20. Don’t blink. Puts a smile on our faces to see where those tees have been.

PEONFX by Faz Adhili

Another one from Faz. This time around for PEONFX.
Faz is so productive!

Leader Team Edit by Faz Adhili

Faz came up with this sweet edit for Leader during the KLIFGT weekend.


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