Let’s Up the Tiempo!

nike-sportswear-lance-armstrong-stages-sneakers-83nike-sportswear-lance-armstrong-stages-sneakers-111The Cutter / City Tiempo

Developed specifically for this Livestrong Collection, the Nike Sportswear footwear design team looked at the Nike Tiempo, first launched through the Soccer category, and enhanced the shoe with key elements to work with today’s inner city bike rider.

Developed in partnership with eight bike riders from around the globe, the Nike City Tiempo was constructed with a board last, a process referencing ACG’s history. The board last translates into a stiffer construction, making the pushdown of the pedal stroke easier on the rider. Throughout the construction of the shoe, designers have increased the density of the rubber and the derometer. Inside the shoe, the sockliner has been updated to also be a bit stiffer, giving support to the foot.

The upper of the shoe mirrors the look of the original Tiempo, however has been updated with a tougher leather to last though the wear and tear the cages on the pedals may cause. The city Tiempo pack includes eight colorways with Livestrong branding. Each color represents a different rider and their respective city. The right riders include; Kyle Demers from New York City, Jupiter Desphy from Los Angeles, Superted from London, Takaharu “Hal” Okada from Tokyo, Yorgo Tloupas representing Paris, Berlin’s Henrik Kuerschner, Massan from San Francisco, and Lance Armstrong representing his hometown of Austin.
(Source: fixedgearleeds.blogspot.com)

And so I say: “Let’s Up the Tiempo!”

p.s. – Bey and myself are planning on getting the normal street soccer Tiempos. Hmmmm. . .


Your Friendly Neighbourhood Cranker


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