PEONFX WolfPac Messenger Bag Review

The good people from PEONFX recently released a new messenger bag called the WolfPac and JJay was kind enough to pass one to me so that I’d be able to do a little review on it.

When JJay handed the bag to me, I thought that it looked pretty small but boy was I mistaken.
The bag only looks small but trust me, it sure is spacious. I was able to put my Macbook in, dump my hard disk and mouse plus my tool bag and there was still enough space for at least 2 more shirts.
Heck, I’d even be able to fit my DSLR in it!

Oh, the bag is also mighty light and this is a big plus point in my books.
Throughout my ride home from Haji Lane to Boon Lay, the bag did its job really well.
I barely noticed its presence. Thumbs up!

Amidst all the positives, there is one thing that bugs me. The strap of this bag is a little too soft, unlike most messenger bags that come with a much stiffer strap. Initially I thought the soft strap part was a great idea until halfway through my journey home.
As it is a soft strap, when the weight from the third arm keeps pulling  at it, it gets out of shape and place. I had to re-adjust the strap a couple of times to get it back in position.
Just a minor tweak to the strap and it’d be perfect!

All in all, the PEONFX WolfPac Messenger Bag is a very practical and functional bag.
I personally feel that it would suit not only cyclists but also people who are always on the move and need to pack loads of stuff into their bags.

The PEONFX WolfPac Messenger Bag retails at SGD $139.00.



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