Cycling Nation Malacca Photo Recap

Last Saturday saw the largest congregation of fixed gear enthusiasts from this side of the world.
Approximately 100 riders made their way to Malacca for the Cycling Nation Malacca event organized by the good people of Harufixed.

Almost all the Malaysian crews were there. We had 16 people from Singapore and the result is one massive, I really mean massive, group of riders from Singapore and Malaysia.

It was truly a great event, uniting people from both sides of the causeway. Now who said that Malaysians and Singaporeans can’t click?

Here are some photos from the event:

Big ups to the Harufixed boys for organizing the event.
Big ups to our Malaysian brethren for coming down and making it such a memorable event.
We look forward to seeing you guys again soon!

One for the RatsKL boys

Watch out for the video recap!
Click here to view more pictures from the event.



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