Oldie Goldie

Just like any other random Sunday, we would ride before the Monday blues kick in and earlier tonight some of us from the east decided to head out to Holland Village after dinner for a quick night ride.

Upon arriving our usual pitstop at Holland Village’s 7-11, we were approached by a friendly senior citizen who goes by the name of Mr Lim, riding his daily commuter Shimano who happened to pass by from grocery shopping. We jokingly asked if he’s intending to sell his bike when he said he had a couple more back home and offered us to check out his other precious two which he rode on rotational basis and we knew we’re onto something good.

Mr Lim is a retiree and was in the engineering line before and had always been a bike aficionado. Now he rides daily to keep his time filled and fit.

Upon reaching his house couple of blocks away was two locked vintage Fuji and Colnago. The Fuji had an OG San Marco Regal from way back that was still in superb condition.

Now what caught our eyes was this classic lugged Colnago pursuit frame in top notch condition but with it’s dropout cut and attached to semi-horizontals for road bike use which Mr Lim acquired it off a German chap years ago.

I swear the pictures here don’t serve any justice to this lovely steel.

We chatted with Mr Lim for abit before we continue our ride and its definitely nice to know there’s hidden gems out there somewhere waiting to be discovered in good pristine condition.

This is The Killer Gerbil signing off for Crank Arm Steady, it had been a good Sunday.

The Killer Gerbil


One response

  1. nice one! show show mr lim the tricks u can do on a fixie.. i think he will be impressed too!

    September 12, 2010 at 10:07 pm

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