Just like any other Sundays, some of us will religiously banged the coastal route to Changi in the morning but today we decided to hit down south Sentosa island for a change and after a month of fasting during the month of Ramadhan for  the Muslim riders, its sure a treat for them to celebrate Eid, CAS style.

The riders from the east met up at 9am and rolled central to meet the rest.

(Left-right) Faizal, Idriz & Bey

We did a quick breakfast at McDonald’s at the Central Business District before heading into Sentosa island.

(Left-right) Yasin, Bey, Idriz, Faizal & Vira

Upon paying the entrance fee of S$2, we headed out to Tanjung Beach in Sentosa island for our first pitstop after passing through all the fake touristy spots.

While most of us came unprepared, we can’t help but to jump straight into the water with our inner tights and what have you for today. We found ourselves submerged in the cool water for about an hour or so, dry our shit in the blazing morning sun and continue our ride around the island afterwards.

Vira doing what he does best – nothing that make sense.

Bey in his best water stealth mode, it took me 2 hours to find him in this shot -_-

We left the island and headed out for lunch nearby and by the time we settled with food its already about 2pm and the sun had already scorched all of us. We rode to Labrador Park for abit, up the 99 bends and took out last pitstop at Holland Village before calling the day a quit.

All in all, a good way to start the usual Sunday morning ride with fun filled good company as always.

Ride safe all and till the next one!

The Killer Gerbil


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