Velodrome or Not

With the tearing down of the 37-year-old iconic National Stadium in Kallang to make way for the new Sports Hub, many of our local sports enthusiasts, novices and professionals alike, are wondering what is line when the project is fully completed.

In four years’ time, the Sports Hub will include a new stadium with a 55,000-capacity and a retractable roof, a 6,000-capacity indoor aquatics arena, a multi-purpose indoor arena that can seat 3,000, a sports institute and 41,000 square metres of business, commercial and retail space.

Recently, the Singapore sports scene has been enjoying the limelight after the successful inaugural Youth Olympics and also at many other international competitions, crediting to the efforts put in by Mr Teo Ser Luck, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports.

What Singapore is trying to do now is promote a healthy and sporting lifestyle amongst her population, and also at the same time explore multiple disciplines which we can possibly excel at international levels.

We have seen success in table tennis, badminton, swimming, sailing and many others. However, cycling as a sport has yet to received sufficient support from the Singapore Sports Council.

Asians have seen success in many track events owing to the excellent, quality training programmes. The Malaysians and, needless to say, Japanese have been enjoying track success for quite a while. The asian body is ideal for cycling, lean and mean.

Plans to send a Winter Olympic team, build a white-water rafting course, then why not build a velodrome too? I’m sure Singapore can send a decent team to a UCI Track Championship or the Olympics in less than 4 years if there’s a velodrome for us to train in.

Henceforth, I strongly urge the SSC to put more attention into developing the cycling scene in Singapore.

Velodrome or not, you decide!

Source: Fixpatrix


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