214 Kilometres with Love

Here’s a little something to get you guys pumped up for Tour of Singapore 2010.
I’ve been in Bandung for the past few days and I had the opportunity to catch up with
Rizky Fitrahardi and Manggala Sianipar. We’ve always heard of how the Americans or Europeans embark on epic rides and wish we would be able to do the same. Well, these two actually embarked on an epic ride!

Last August, a total of 10 riders from Bandung decided to go on a 214-kilometer ride to Jakarta. Yes, 2-1-4.
Out of the 10, 2 of them –
Rizky a.k.a. Ebe and Manggala a.k.a. Mamang
rode fixed and brakeless.



It took 2 days to complete the ride and some 15 hours on the saddle. Mad stuff! According to the guys, the first 60-80kms were filled with hills and mountains. They were both running on 48/17. Ebe fell down on one downhill stretch and suffered minor bruises and also a crooked fork. Luckily he managed to find some bicycle workshop and get a replacement fork.
And the best part of all this is the fact that these 2 will be coming down for this year’s
Tour of Singapore!

I bet the boys will be welcoming these 2 with open arms and would be more than glad to hear their take on this epic ride!



A photo with Ebe and Mamang

Crank Arm Steady salute the both of you for your courage and showing us that if you put your mind to it, everything can be achieved. We can’t wait for you guys to come over to Singapore!

(Photo BDG JKT 190 by: hobahoba)



2 responses

  1. Idris.M

    Seriously I would love to ride from Bandung to Jakarta.

    September 29, 2010 at 1:35 pm

  2. bagus mas idris mari saling tukar tempat riding.sehabis TOS pergi bandung – jakarta.

    September 29, 2010 at 11:54 pm

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