Some 11 riders met up earlier today at Changi Point Ferry Terminal as early as 7am with latecomers towing in to catch the ferry to our destination in Desaru, Malaysia where we’ll be riding some 60km on the treacherous long hilly roads on fixed gear.

We did our last minute passports and bike checks before heading down to the departure hall where our chartered ferry awaits.

Located about 20km away from Changi jetty, our boat ride took us an hour on the South China sea. Upon arrival at Tanjong Pengelih jetty, we got our passport stamped and began our ride shortly after.

The weather was kind on us with overcast and strong sea wind. Being on foreign land and cycling, personally its the best way to absorb the whole kampong experience with sight, smell and sound. While we were trying to focus riding safely on a single file, we can’t help to do quick head turns on the simple life this place have to offer.

Along the way we were greeted by locals while on foot or on vehicles with young children chasing and cheering on and these simple gestures was one of those heartwarming moments we took granted for back home.

After a quick breakfast stop after some 20km from starting point, we head on our journey and came upon this vast picturesque “lalang” field that we had to stop for that touristy group shot.

(Left to right: Jjay, Lyana, Faizal, Acit, Minzi, David, Fab, Manda, Danial Mok & Idris)

The ride took us on the most unforgiving hills along Sungai Rengit with long crazy inclines with strong head on wind that took some of us by surprise. Amazingly everyone survived the torture and rewarded ourselves with quick breaks of fluids and smokes.

40km later and about 4 hours ride, we reached our resting destination located in Desaru called Desaru Golden Beach Resort. After checking in, we decided to check out the sandy beach and strong monsoon sea before lunch and power naps.

After the quick recovery mode, we all set out on bikes for dinner in downtown lead by Acit who frequents Desaru and very much familiar with the whole vicinity.

We settled for the best Thai cuisine highly recommended by the couple from PEONFX who swear by the book and all of us couldn’t agree more after what we were served on the long table. Everyone got into nirvana after sinking in the menu of spicy seafood, vegetables and rice and reluctantly rode back on heavy tummies to end the night.

While most of us would really love to spend some time doing ghost stories, we were just too helpless to fight the Zzz monster and so our night ended earlier than planned.

Until the next sunrise!

The Killer Gerbil


One response

  1. azura jamal

    the ghost story is saved for me… tt’s y
    pls pls pls do another desaru ride
    coz i love kampongs and i love the sea
    so 2 nights pls 🙂

    January 17, 2011 at 2:01 am

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