We started our day early today after a good long sleep with sleepyheads refusing to step out of beds. While some were busy getting ready or packing, I headed out for a quick stroll by the beach to snap some pictures so just you know the good times you are missing here.

By 9am we checked out and headed downtown for breakfast. Most of us settled for the local best in form of “Roti Canai“, something like what we have in Singapore called “Roti Prata” but not as close. Something about ingredients of the bread or the gravy that set this shit on another level of the whole breakfast game.

After the hearty breakfast, we continue our ride down to the jetty. As from what we expected for the return route back, its definitely an easier task than yesterday’s since its reclining all the way down but only hotter with the sun on full force. Just so you must know, traffic flow here on the highway is very low with a couple of random passing motorcars once awhile until you reached big towns.

By noon, it was getting crazy scorching so we were forced to take quick stops along the highway for more fluids and breather.

We pushed on so just we could do a longer stop over lunch where we decided on seafood. We also saw many Singaporean riders where we exchange greetings along the way where most of them did their weekly rides here in Desaru.

While we weren’t too big on having heavy lunch, most of us just had small bites and good cold beers while just chilling and enjoying the slow times over good laughs.

We arrived at Tanjong Pengelih jetty by 3pm, sunburnt and rest on further for an hour before getting on our chartered ferry back to mainland.

All in all, one the most exciting and enjoyable ride we had for quite abit, discovering new terrains and atmosphere while keeping it fun and safe at the same time. A huge thanks to all the 11 good bunch whom participated in this trip for the great company and we should be doing another one soon sometime in the near future, what say the rest?

On behalf of Crank Arm Steady, this is The Killer Gerbil reporting, until next time!

– The Killer Gerbil


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