Today’s Sunrise Sunday ride organized by the fun loving duo from PeonFX took us on a route to the newly completed Woodlands Waterfront. We all met up at Yio Chu Kang MRT Station at 6am as not to miss the spectacular sunrise of the north. Today’s outing see many new faces which was awesome to know that the community is definitely growing with like minded people sharing the same passion including our virgin fixed gear rider Fahmy who’s ever looking forward in participating today’s agenda.

We reached the destination just a little after the sunrise at Woodlands Waterfront newly built 400meters long jetty which directly overlooking Johor Bahru, Malaysia from where we stood.

Fahmy after his exhausting ride from the east up. If it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger bro!

After witnessing nature’s best and a quick group photo, we rode off to Sembawang for breakfast before some of the riders decided to call it a day.

Some of us later decided to check out a new bicycle boutique called Life Cycle at 18 Gemmill Lane near Club Street recommended by fellow Cranker Idriz. Although it was closed when we reached, the boutique interior looks really promising with top notch bicycle related items in store. Will definitely catch up on the next visit.

By noon the temperature reached a scorching 38degrees celcius on the speedometer and so all decided to hit the sack. An awesome ride with many new faces met and places discovered.

This Sunrise Sunday report is brought to you by the letter K, G, & B.


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