True Love Always by stimul

Check this one out.
Great stuff by stimul!


100copies Design 07 – Go With The Wind

Man, Thomas never fails to deliver! You know the drill. Support our man here.

“Go With The Wind – As every cyclist will tell you, nothing beats the feeling of being on a bike. Whether you’re pedaling into the wind, catching a tailwind or coasting down a hill, riding your bike just feels like flying!”

Yamaguchi Experience

Nice one. By the way, spotted TOS 2010 tee at 1:20. Don’t blink. Puts a smile on our faces to see where those tees have been.

Life In Reverse by Ariff Zin

This may not be related to cycling, but I really dig these kinda videos.
The fact that Ariff actually puts in the effort to put this together is praiseworthy.

 Have a great start to the weekend guys!


Ride Day by Manda Misso

Finally! A feel-good video worth watching.
Ok, ok. There’s nothing fancy going on here.  Nothing serious.
But come to think of it, we’ve never been serious.

Look out for some very familiar faces and some exclusive dance moves in the video!
Big ups to Manda for this one.

KILAS x PEONFX & BOIKZMOIND Screening Photo Recap

Here are some images from last Saturday’s event:

Photos by The Killer Gerbil

E.T. by Arian Stone

Stone with some really nice shots.

Landscapes: Volume Two by Dustin Farrell

Mad, mad stuff by Dustin Farrell.
I almost teared when I saw this.
Pure madness!


Bali by Rayyiu Radzi

Good stuff coming from our man in KL, Rayyiu.
Bali trip soon, anyone?


Lost in Vietnam by Usaid Umar

This may not be related to cycling, but it’d be a waste not to share it here.
Big ups to my man Usaid for producing this!

“In Nature I seek refuge…
I’m Lost in Vietnam.”