Bey & Vira on Film

Bey and Vira during a recent shooting sesh.


Andira & Ippe

Always good to see friends from overseas drop by our tiny island for a visit.
Enoy the rest of your stay here in “SinggepoAndira & Ippe!

Photos by Yasin

Remember This Guy?

Still remember this guy?

Vira, Vira, Vira.

Photo by Bey Ariffin

Throwback Tuesday #5

We miss you Malacca

Throwback Tuesday #4

Bey Ariffin at Gambas Avenue.

Friends & Family


Photo courtesy of Shah.

G.FARI// Localization Official Video by GOFIXED

These bunch of kids really reminds us of us when we first started out.
Ghaffari‘s first edit done by the good boys of GOFIXED.
The effort these boys put in to make this video is amazing. We’re really digging the aerial shots from the bridge and stuff.
Good job, boys!

Edhi Ahmadi by Aaron Tobias

Saw this over at Cyclonesia.
This is too awesome and must be shared!

Photo by  Aaron Tobias

PIAS Cycles; CYC x SMVL by Ismail Ashland

We see a very familiar face in this video!
Keren masbro!

Throwback Tuesday #1

Our very first Throwback Tuesday!
And if we need to tell you guys who this person is, wait, you guys really don’t know him?
Oh man!